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Coronavirus diseases (COVID - 19) Outbreak

What is Coronavirus? What precaution should you take to be safe from this virus?

· Coronavirus

Coronaviruses or CoV are a vast family of viruses that can cause illness like the common cold to more critical diseases. Some of the critical diseases caused by the coronavirus are

  • Middle East Repertory Syndrome or MERS-Cov
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS-CoV

Coronavirus disease which is COVID-19 is a totally new strain of coronavirus that was discovered recently. This new strain was not previously noticed in humans.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic diseases, which mean these are transmitted through animals and people. According to WHO (World Health Organization) SARS-CoV was transmitted to humans from Civet Cats and MERS-CoV from Dromedary Camels. There are several coronaviruses that are circulating in different animals. Humans are not infected by these coronaviruses.


          How Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Spreads?

          In the current scenario, it is thought that coronavirus is mainly spreading through Person to Person.
          1. People within 6 feet distance or coming close contact with each other.
          2. It can also spread from the respiratory droplets if any person affected by the virus sneezes or coughs.

          There is a strong possibility that, if anyone comes in contact with these droplets, the virus will get inhaled into that person’s lungs.

          • Symptomatic Person: A person is most contagious when they are sick. The sicker you are the higher chance that you may get contagious.
          • Before Symptoms: It is also possible that the coronavirus may spread from a person before they show any symptoms. But it is the main way the virus spreads
          • Surfaces or Objects: If a certain object or surface contains the Coronavirus, it may possible that a person can get it. But a person will only get infected by the virus while touching their mouth, nose or eye after touching the surface or object.

          What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

          The symptoms of Coronavirus can be ranged from mild to severe illness. In some confirmed cases of the death of the infected can be possible.

          These symptoms can appear between 2-14 days after coming contact with Coronavirus:

          1. Fever
          2. Cough
          3. Shortness of Breath

          Is there a Cure for Coronavirus?

          Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus. But there are some precautions you can take to protect yourself.

          How can you protect yourself?

          The best way to prevent Coronavirus is by preventing yourself from being exposed. The Coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person, so try avoiding direct contact with any person if possible. These are the precaution you can take to protect yourself:

          • After visiting any public places or after sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose wash your hands with soap and water for minimum 20 seconds.
          • In public places, you can also use hand sanitizer (containing minimum 60% alcohol).
          • Avoid touching your nose, eye, and mouth with unwashed hands.
          • Try to avoid contact with the persons who are sick

          How to protect others from Coronavirus?

          • Stay home if you are feeling sick. As you are more vulnerable when you’re sick.
          •  Cover your nose and mouth when you’re sick. Wash your hands afterward.
          • Always cover your face when you’re in public areas. The best way to cover your nose and mouth is to wear a mask all the time.
          • Clean your living place with soap/detergent and water just to stay on the safe side.

          What to do when you’re sick?

          •  Get an appointment for a checkup.
          • Stay home and avoid any public area as well as any public transport.
          • Stay away from other people and animals.
          • Wear a mask all the time if you’re feeling sick.
          • Avoid sharing any kind of personal items with others.
          • Check your symptoms daily. If your condition is worsening seek medical attention.

          How many people have been affected?

          As of March 15th, there have been more than 156,000 cases where people have been infected in more than 80 countries. This is according to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

          There have been more than 5,800 deaths globally. In which over 3,000 deaths have occurred in China. Over 73,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

          Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus:

          Central Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus
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